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The most highly reviewed mariachi band in New York NY, NJ and CT.

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Mariachi band for school functions, graduations, senior centers in New York, NY, New Jersey NJ, and Connecticut CT.

There are several reasons to hire a mariachi band. In Mexico the tradition is to hire a mariachi band every time something is celebrated. In may other countries this is being adopted as well. Here are some the reason you might need to hire Mariachi Citlalli. It can be as simple as to express your love to a person to School functions where we talk about the history of mariachi music and more...

Proposals: Hiring a mariachi band for a marriage proposal it's a great idea we often do and love to do. Having the Mariachi band arrive as a surprise it's already a shock, now imagine his/her face when you get down on one knee? This is something your loved one will remember for the rest of his/her life, and we will be glad to help you with ideas for this.  Now, if your fiancée is Latino then allow me to remind you that a Mariachi serenade has a special meaning, it is an expression of love and chivalry to another person. It is so important in our culture that many women of advanced age, who never received a mariachi serenade, do not want to pass away without having a mariachi sing to them!      That's how important and memorable it is.

School Functions: If you are planning to hire a mariachi band for your school you've come to the right place. Mariachi Citlalli has performed all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, at schools in many different districts, every time with huge success! Let me explain why... We are not your typical mariachi band that stand still, and play music; We introduce ourselves, talk to them about the history of mariachi music, kids have the chance to ask questions, we explain how our music and rhythm work and they even get a chance to compete on a dancing contest.  It is a lot of fun for them, and at the same time it is an educational experience. Also, if the school has a music teacher, he/she can teach them a song and students can sing with us. This is a show they will really enjoy and it is always a great hit!!


Graduations: Very often we get hired to perform at graduations, as I already mentioned, mariachi music it's really a music of celebration and occasions like this should be celebrated. Reserve your date as soon as possible.

I love you serenade: If you believe love should be kept alive with romantic gestures and chivalry, then let me tell you about a mariachi serenade. For centuries, in Mexico, men have expressed their love to the woman they love with mariachi serenades. It is an act they absolutely love, and they love it as much as they love flowers. When a woman receives a Mariachi serenade they see it as an act of true love and care for her, and she will be amazed and probably will cry of happiness. Furthermore, she will not hesitate to tell all her friends and family, in fact by giving her a serenade you pretty much win over the entire family and friends. It is that magical. Do not hesitate, if you really love her or love him do it, we are here to help... and Yes, many women serenade their husbands and boyfriends too.


Forgiveness serenade: Often times we make mistakes and asking for forgiveness in a sincere and honest way it's what counts. Often when a man wants to ask for forgiveness accompanied with a mariachi band, works wonderfully. In fact most of the time her reaction is immediate; tears, hug and a kiss. In fact, you don't have to say much, before you are given a second chance... you will need to explain later, but at least the first step, and the hardest one, will be done.


Sickness: We've talked about celebration and love, but often times we all go through though times, it is part of life, and often we have no idea what to say or do, to support and show appreciation to your loved one suffering. Mariachi music lifts spirits in a very special way. We've serenaded countless people suffering from cancer and other terminal illness, in hospitals, clinics or at home, and their eyes lit up to the sounds of this beautiful music. It is something that never ends to amaze us and we are privileged to be able to deliver a bit of happiness with our music.


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