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The most highly reviewed mariachi band in New York NY, NJ and CT.

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Mariachi band for weddings in New York, NY, New Jersey NJ, and Connecticut CT.

A wedding is such an important day for the bride, groom, their families and friends; they are full of emotion, love and elegance. But, sometimes it can also be stressing if vendors are not professional. In order for weddings to be successful, they require a great deal of communication, perfect timing and absolute commitment. For this reason, Mariachi Citlalli feels honored to be considered part of the entertainment for your wedding, and we will do our best in order for your event to be a success!

Our Mariachi band has performed in hundreds of wedding ceremonies, and cocktail hours, all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, which means that we have the experience to make this special day a great one. Furthermore, we will listen to your needs and communicate what we have learned through the years. We will be strict with being on time; and we will dressed and behave as professionally as humanly possible! We are committed to delivering exactly what the bride and groom have imagined since day one.


When you decide to contact Mariachi Citlalli you will be helped by one of our mangers, who are also members of Mariachi Citlalli. Your ideas will be taken seriously and will be archived in our top of the line databases, which holds all of your important details. Also, if you are not very familiar with Mariachi Music we will help you with the song selection process.


Once you are ready to book, and you have received notice of our availability, we will send you a contract via e-mail, which can be easily signed online and in less than 2 minutes you can have a contract signed and archived. It is that easy!


But please, don’t wait until the last minute to hire us, we have had many brides contact us with excellent time in advance, but failed to book, only to find later that their date got completely booked. Weekends get very busy and just like the church and the caterer, Mariachi Citlalli needs to get secured first. So, please call us or check if your date is available below:

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Weddings; from beginning to end.

Mariachi Band for wedding Proposals:

Hiring a mariachi band for a marriage proposal it's a great idea we often do and love to do. Having the Mariachi band arrive as a surprise it's already a shock, now imagine his/her face when you get down on one knee? This is something your loved one will remember for the rest of his/her life, and we will be glad to help you with ideas for this.  Now, if your fiancée is Latino then allow me to remind you that a Mariachi serenade has a special meaning, it is an expression of love and chivalry to another person. It is so important in our culture that many women of advanced age, who never received a mariachi serenade, do not want to pass away without having a mariachi sing to them! That's how important and memorable it is.

Mariachi Band for Wedding Engagement Party:

A few weeks or months after the proposal, the bride's parents host an engagement party for family and new family members, friends and co workers, to celebrate the new engagement. A Mariachi band for an engagement  party can be cost effective, fun, or simply an excellent background music while guests socialize.

Mariachi Band for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner:

Traditionally the night before the wedding, the groom's parents host the rehearsal dinner. This is important  because it allows family members from both sides to know each other and avoid awkwardness on the wedding day! A Mariachi band for the rehearsal dinner can be cost effective, fun, or simply an excellent background music while guests socialize. Now, if either the bride or groom are from Latino countries and you already have music for the wedding day, a mariachi band on the rehearsal dinner would be a must, in order to incorporate this important part of the culture.

Mariachi Band for Wedding Ceremony:

This is indeed the most important part of the of your wedding day! And good music it's important, but more important it's  how responsible the musicians are. Will they know or learn the music you requested? Will they be there on time? Will they know what's going on? When you hire a mariachi band for your wedding ceremony they need to have all these traits, and Mariachi Citlalli has a perfect record of responsibility, and experience. Don't hire stress, hire a mariachi band that knows their business, hire Mariachi Citlalli.

Mariachi Band for Wedding Cocktail Hour:

The most requested hour, for a mariachi band to play in a wedding, it's the cocktail hour. And it is the perfect time; everyone relaxes, socializes, or just want to start the fun! Mariachi Citlalli has performed in countless weddings; we will play either traditional or romantic songs to set the mood, and your guests can requests songs too; some will even dance to our music. For this reason, for the cocktail hour, a mariachi band will be your best bet.

Mariachi Band for Wedding First Dance:

Undoubtedly, other key moments of your wedding are when the bride and groom dance for the first time, or when the bride dances with dad, or when the groom dances with mom. Whether, the bride or groom, is Latino or both simply hold a special connection to the culture, doing the first dance with a mariachi band it's something very memorable. Imagine dancing Besame mucho, Novia mia, or even a song of your choice... it will be unique, romantic and culturally correct. Now, if both the groom and bride are Latino, then dancing Mi niña bonita with dad is a must, or dancing Madresita querida with mom it is also a must!

Mariachi Band for Wedding reception:

Hiring a mariachi band for the wedding reception it is also very common practice. Especially if a great percentage of your guests will be Latinos, (not matter what country, they all know and love mariachi music) then performing at the reception it is a great idea. Either at the beginning or end of the reception, even a small serenade, like in the picture above, having Mariachi Citlalli for your wedding reception will be a memorable moment.

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The most highly reviewed mariachi band

in New York NY, NJ and CT.


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